To be the top resource for record companies and other music entities seeking outstanding compositions, productions, artists, and related music services. To fulfill the unique and differing needs of corporate music clients by giving them special access to the best songwriters, producers and artists in popular music. To be a first-class, one-stop music-production house, across all musical genres. To be an aggressive and respected worldwide music publisher and administrator; distinguishing itself from its competitors by its ability to break its writers, and maximize catalog value.

Writers & Publishers

AHE is in a unique position to obtain cuts for its writers and publishers. We selectively acquire rights to songs, writers, and publishers in order to fill third party requests for first-class songs and productions. We aggressively and transparently collect and pay writer/publisher royalties.

Record Companies:

AHE controls hit writers, songs, and producers, in multiple musical genres. We work with record companies around the world to create and deliver the songs and productions they require. We provide consulting, A&R, and executive production services, which run from finding songs, to delivering finished album projects written and produced by the best in contemporary music.

Corporate Clients:

We consult clients on the sale and/or purchase of entertainment assets. AHE provides corporate branding solutions to clients who want to increase their marketing impact through the use of music. We consult with clients to help create unique music-based campaigns. We provide varied services from creating original brand-integrated music, to providing special access to top recording artists. We advise clients on business matters relating to the formation and management of their entertainment entities. 

Film & TV Clients:

AHE offers old, new, and original hit songs for use in film, TV and related promotions. In many instances we control 100% of the composition and master for easy licensing. We provide music supervision services, including creating original compositions and score, in- house.


AHE selectively manages writers, producers, artists and other talent.